Erik Larson

Mar 15, 2010

Speak Up, Prius

Does the damn Prius have a sticky gas pedal, or not ? And, if not, how lame is it to pick on the feel-good Prius? People are driving around, thinking in self-interested terms about how much money they’re saving at the pump, and in global terms about making the world a better place with smart technology, and some jerk in San Diego falsely claims that his Prius stormed off at 94 mph (this seems like good PR, actually: the Prius can do 94 mph?), conjuring images of a horrific crash, blood smeared across the once-sexy “Hybrid” decal, its battery hurled into the street, maiming pedestrians caught unawares, jarred out of their pleasant stroll by the smell of burning tires, fire, and death. Death! Death by Prius!

Okay, maybe a bit too far. But, again, does the Prius have a sticky gas pedal, or what? Those hapless execs at Toyota must be close to seppuku .