Erik Larson

Dec 18, 2008

A Cool Trillion

The front page of the Austin American Statesman sports this, in bold block letters:

A 1,000,000,000,000 plan?

I’ll admit that I had a hard time parsing the digits at first. Turns out it’s a cool trillion. A trillion dollar plan ? Did I miss something? I know the unemployment rate is, what, 6.7%, but the breadline is hardly stretching around the city block. Maybe I suffer from a failure to predict the something economically-wicked that this way comes. Fine. But, a trillion dollars? (I love how it’s a nice even number too, like the calculating master minds in the back gave up on more precision: “Hell, just make it a trillion. That oughta do it.”) We’re gonna break the freakin’ printing press

The only bright spot reading this trillion dollar plan scenario came, for me, when Speaker Pelosi went on record wanting something like 200 billion in tax cuts. We’ve got bipartisan consensus now (FWIW) that reducing tax burdens help stimulate the economy. Conservatives have been shouting this on a mountain for a very long time.