Erik Larson

Nov 29, 2009

All Mum on Global Warming

None of my Global Warming enthusiast friends are peeping right now. Hmmm. Maybe it’s because the theory that co2 is driving climate change is slowly but assuredly unraveling, as all politically backed “scientific” theories do. The Earth warms, and cools, and warms again. Suddenly our lawnmowers and autos and jets are the cause. Wow. What an easy target, for a skeptic, like me.

I wish more enthusiasts would go on the record, on this blog, proclaiming the truth of Global Warming. Later, I’ll use the posts to further rub it in. My point, always, is that science should be free of politics, and it’s clear in this particular debate that pure science in this sense is an obvious illusion. Time will only make this point stronger.

So, speak up, you Global Warming folks! You’re already on record on the blog, but let’s hear more.