Erik Larson

Jan 3, 2009

2 + 2 = 5

Good God. The Breaking News on CNN. Israel is going into Gaza to root out Hamas.

Here’s a smattering of thoughts:

  1. The media keeps pointing out that it’ll be “very difficult” to separate Hamas from the civilian population in Gaza. Right. That’s the point , isn’t it? After lobbing rockets into Israel, start the PR campaign for sympathy when Israel retaliates. If Hamas is smart, they’ll put their military installations right next to the Grade Schools. That shows the cruelty of Israel , not Hamas, right? Dumb asses.

  2. Why does Hamas keep talking about “ending aggression”? Are they on LSD? What about the damn rockets they’re launching every day into Northern Israel? What is that? Diplomacy? I don’t get it. I really don’t get it. Suppose Mexico started firing off missiles into Tucson, or El Paso, or wherever. Sure, that’s aggression. Then the U.S. (after scratching its collective head for a while), has some response, maybe with the aim of stopping missiles from hitting American cities. The whole “protect our citizens” thing.

But then Calderon gets on the loud speaker, and goes on CNN, and starts talking about the American aggression , as if Mexico hadn’t launched any missiles. Just bald faced starts talking like that. (Why? Because screw um’ , that’s why!).

Are you serious? This is a scenario that, literally, my eight year old daughter could sort out. What a freakin’ farce. Won’t someone just say it?

  1. It seems obvious to me that anyone, without prior political machinations, would conclude that Hamas is convinced that Israel, as a country, as a nation state, should not be in the Middle East (and maybe should die horribly, too). Apparently, they feel justified in creating all manner of mayhem to drive them away. Fine (I guess fine, not really fine). But it would be great for the rest of us if Hamas would stop the “save us from the aggression of the Israelis!” speak. Just say you hate the Jews, and you want to kill them. There would be more dignity in it.

Anyway, I’m sure someone can sensitize me to the issue, no doubt at the expense of common sense. (Now that’s progress! Talking out your rear is progress!)