Erik Larson

Nov 26, 2008

Filling your Head

I have discovered that when I read the Wall Street Journal, I end up feeling worried about the state of things; when I read the New York Times, I end up feeling pretty good. In WSJ, Obama’s health care plan will exacerbate a large (and growing) deficit incurred already by federal Medicare, Medicaid spending. The problem only gets worse! More debt! Heading for disaster!

In the New York Times, a highly competent team of economic experts have been selected by the sagacious yet pragmatic President Elect Obama, and when Bush gets out of the way (and get on it , says NYT columnist Gail Collins), we’ll be on our way to sunnier days. It will be hard, sure, but with the dummy out of the way, we’ll get there. Whew!

It occurred to me this morning that, a few years ago, maybe it was vice versa. Gloom and doom in the NYT, and talk about how the surge was working in the WSJ, and how the war was near to won. Anyway, I’m continuing this roller coaster of reading both. From elation to despair.