Erik Larson

Nov 26, 2008

Erik's Too Much Time On My Hands List of B.S.

  1. Bigfoot. Not real.

  2. The Lochness Monster. Not real.

  3. Alien abductions. Never happened. Ever. To anyone.

  4. Aliens flying in spacecraft, visiting Earth. Also B.S.

  5. This CEO salary thing. Successful Fortune 500 CEO, 10 million a year. Oprah Winfrey, 275 million a year. What the heck? Why isn’t Oprah 27.5 times more evil ? B.S.

  6. Bill Maher. Joker. Rich joker.

  7. The idea that the “war on terror” is over. What, we’re so giddy in Obamaland that we think the Evil Doers have term limits ? B.S.

  8. GW. I mean “Great White”, the 1980s rock band. For the fire in the nightclub deal.

  9. Teatotallers. Unless you’re someone who imbibes and ends up in a tree 50 miles from home, with no recollection of how you got there. And you’re surrounded by cops. (Actually, I think this happened to me once. But it wasn’t cops, it was midgets, or “little people”. Or whatever.)

  10. Certain aspects of holidays. Maybe, The Holiday Season.