Erik Larson

Apr 2, 2009

Code Pink: Idiots

Everyone knows Code Pink: Women for Peace. Only these dunderheads have no message. That was proved tonight, watching founder Medea Benjamin explain that there shouldn’t be any troops in Afghanistan. No war is all she could think. Stupid. The interviewer asked her if she thought life for women in Afghanistan would be better if we pulled out and let the Taliban reassert themselves. She can’t answer the question. So worked up about war, she can’t think about women for peace. Let’s help her. Women under the Taliban: no education, no political rights, no sexual rights, no life. Code Pink: Women for Peace!

This organization is so bereft of actual practical ideas for how to make the world better for women that it is astounding that anyone still listens. They’re the Forest Gump of wars: Bombs are baad. But what do we do when only the Taliban has bombs in Afghanistan? Think a few steps ahead, ladies. Stupid is as stupid says.

We all have figured out by now that there’s nothing but oppression, and violence, and threats to peace, prosperity, and progress if the Taliban takes over once again in Afghanstan. So, just pull out? Wrong. Code Pink should be renamed to WHHCW: Women for Horrible Humiliating Circumstances for Women! Or, Women for the Subjugation of Women by Extremist Islamic Men! Own it ladies, own it.

I’m thinking of creating a group for women, to morally trump Code Pink (send your donations!): Erik’s Keep the Troups in Afghanistan Until We Can Insure That Women Will Not Be Persecuted Like It’s The Middle Ages Once Again (sorry, the acronym is unmanageable). Give your money and time to me! I can do much more than the dunderheads, and I don’t even need to march on the Capitol.