Erik Larson

Mar 24, 2010

Health Care's Many Voices

Katrina vanden Heuvel writing for the Washington Post assures us that the Health Care bill—now law— is a good start , but does not go nearly far enough on the road to government-managed medicine. Holman W. Jenkins writing for the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) explains why insurance companies—supposedly the “evil” players in health care—are quite happy about ObamaCare (hint: if everyone has to have coverage, there are lots more people to stick with skyrocketing costs).

David Brooks writing for the New York Times (NYT) observes, convincingly, that we’re not really wrestling (yet) with the enormous costs we’re incurring as a country , health care the latest charge on the card:

“This country is in the position of a free-spending family careening toward bankruptcy that at the last moment announced that it was giving a gigantic new gift to charity. You admire the act of generosity, but you wish they had sold a few of the Mercedes to pay for it.”

One of my favorites, moderate Tom Friedman, also writing in NYT brushes aside the partisan “yes we did” (Democrats) and the “OMG, they did?” (Republicans) on the health care debate in favor of an interesting discussion about fixing government , making it work better for all of us. As he puts it, we need a “tea party” for the middle of the country.

And my opinion? Oh, who knows? It’s too early to tell. Punt .