Erik Larson

Jan 28, 2009

Armey Misplaces the Current Century

This was hilarious . Armey lets slip the dogs of politically incorrect war. He hits Joan Walsh with no less than “glad you can never be my wife”, a comment that was over the top, to be sure.

But on the general contours of the stimulus discussion, it’s becoming a commonplace for the Democrats to talk around the stimulus bill rather than about it, a sure sign that something’s rotten in Denmark. There’s suddenly very little direct explanation of how the stimulus happens . This was, I suspect, Dick Armey’s frustration, a man with a Ph.D. in Economics (not that this gives anyone much of a leg up these days…) and of course the former House Majority leader.

Republicans, whatever you think of them as a party, have a point when they harp on the details of the stimulus package that just passed the House. They’re doing the people’s work right now more than the party in charge. Mad Money’s Jim Kramer — hardly an apologist for Conservatives — said as much today. But Armey I think forgot himself on Hardball tonight…