Erik Larson

Jan 22, 2009

Olbermann Email

The email I sent to MSNBC below. It’s based on an exchange from a prior post. In this exchange, there was consistency. But I think Mr. Olbermann is in much more of a pickle, if he keeps on his present track:

I watch with interest Countdown with Keith Olbermann. I’m confused however about Mr. Olbermann’s Special Comment on the eve of the inauguration of President Obama, where he makes an impassioned, forceful case that “Bush is guilty of torture” and ought to be investigated and perhaps tried and found guilty, in spite of President Obama’s public statements to the contrary. President Obama, for his part, just wants to “move on”. This profound disagreement between Mr. Olbermann and President Obama is particularly puzzling since, otherwise, Mr. Olbermann speaks quite positively and even glowingly about our new President.

So, my question to Mr. Olbermann is: If President Obama does not wish to investigate possible “war crimes” committed by the former Bush Administration, and if it’s so clear cut that such acts were in fact committed, what does this say about President Obama?

We can assume that President Obama must have the relevant facts at his disposal. So, following simple logic, should Mr. Olbermann conclude that President Obama is just weak, or rather is he morally suspect? This question Mr. Olbermann ought to answer directly. Otherwise, he seems to be talking “out of both sides of his mouth” as they say, and his many viewers ought to call him on it.