Erik Larson

Jan 19, 2009

Glenn Greenwald ( on FISA Ruling

More on warrantless wiretapping in the courts. The Wall Street Journal editorial (find it here with my initial commentary) made mention of the limited scope of the recent FISA ruling — it applies only to the 2007 Congressional authorization of eavesdropping powers — but perhaps a little too quickly. Greenwald makes it a bit more clear . However, as Greenwald himself admits, the ruling is still “significant”. WSJ said as much or more when concluding that it “sets a precedent”.

In general, I’m interested to see how Obama treats the terrorist fighting apparatus erected by the Bush administration after September 11: the warrantless wiretapping issue, Guantanamo, homeland security, and a host of other issues that, on the one side, are intended to keep us safer, and on the other, present challenges to our liberty. This double edged sword will be held in his hand soon enough.