Erik Larson

May 31, 2009


Glenn Greenwald . So cynical I get these days. He fires out blog after blog deterministically anti-Bush administration but couched so much in the language of general “accountability” and “fairness” and so many other moralisms that give the appearance of journalistic objectivity. Drop the show. I’ll eat my hat (many hats I have, I’ll pick the one that has a chance of going down with minimal dyspepsia) if Greenwald in his crystal ethical palace ever turns the gripe-thrower (like a flame thrower, but it throws partisan gripes) at a non-Conservative office holder. In Limbaugh-like fashion this legal officianado has made his career writing books and blogging about the links between Bush adminstration and Hitler. But of course, we’re to believe that this is all about “accountability” and “respect for law” and so on. He’s the whistle blower. Only, the whistle blows so selectively, and when the last enemy recedes into history he’ll need immediately to grab onto another. Deterministically, a Republican.

On another, related note, I’m convinced that people who read too much news—especially online—become dumber, and less educated. Much like we thought T.V. would do. Go read a book.