Erik Larson

Dec 2, 2008

The Dry Wit of the Brit

Chistopher Hitchens, you gotta love this guy. He’s on Hardball last night with Salon’s Joan Walsh debating the Hilary Clinton pick, a perfect platform to launch his everything-but-the kitchen-sink diatribes against the Clintons (he thinks very little of the Clintons, I’m now aware). Ms. Walsh, who apparently was there as a cheerleader for Clinton (needed only the pom poms), and now has a look on her face like Mr. Hitchens is talking about her sister (the camera keeps panning over to her, what high drama), has just about enough and, without engaging the substance of his charges, lobs a Labowski at him: “that’s just your opinion Christopher.” To which he retorts “…yes, how clever, and look who’s saying it? Would you rather I give your opinion?” Walsh just kind of harumphs, but Mathews couldn’t resist a chuckle. Neither could I.