Erik Larson

Oct 19, 2008

The Closing of the Republican Mind

William F. Buckley, as reported in Newsweek after his death:

“In his old age, he told his son, “I spent my entire life separating the right wing from the kooks.” Though it cost him contributors and readers, he banned conspiratorial members of the John Birch Society from the pages of National Review along with the anti-Semites who had stained the far right.”

How about now, today, someone steps forward to help strip off the anti-intellectual clothes that have come to adorn, under the false guise of philosophical conservatism , the Republican party?

Folksy is as folksy does; the Repulbican party desperately needs conservative leaders who understand and properly promulgate conservative ideals. What happened? Suddenly big government, huge deficits, a kind of (and this hurts the worse) country singer, “don’t know much about” mentality that ceeds our national debate to political liberals who have taken the time to become educated? And nowhere, not even the whisper of suggestion that there are some worthy principles undergirding a conservative (also, for the most part, libertarian) worldview. What happened ? Republicans, have, really, closed their minds, and lost their way.