Erik Larson

Nov 29, 2008

BCS Confusion

Texas Tech beats Texas in a Hail Mary pass to Crabtree with a second left. They then implode against the Sooners, and the surging Sooners now beat OSU in the “Bedlam” matchup in Stillwater, 61-41. Now, a three-way tie for the Big 12 Championship game. BCS rankings decide, with the Longhorns holding a slim advantage over the Sooners. Tech, who struggled against Baylor today, winning by 7 (Tech 35, Baylor 28), is probably out of contention for the national title, and with the Sooners victory in Stillwater they are definitively out of the Big 12 Championship.

So, the BCS rankings decide between Texas and Oklahoma. Although there is no rule against, it is nonetheless an unwritten “rule” that teams who fail to secure conference titles are not voted into the BCS title game. So, if the Sooners pull ahead of Texas later today, the Longhorns are likely out of the national title hunt. Unless, perhaps, the Sooners drop the Big 12 matchup to Mizzou. But don’t count on it. If that unlikely event happened, my guess is that no team from the Big 12 South would go. Maybe then the winner of the SEC championship (Alabama or Florida) would end up matched against… USC?

Let’s hope the voters keep in mind that Texas beat the Sooners this season, on neutral ground, 45-35. Hook em’.